Bookeye 5V2 Archive

Bookeye 5V2 Archive

•V-shaped Glass Plate And Optional Flat Glass Plate For Perfect Scans
• Laser Assisted Book Fold Correction
• Scan Client Interface
• Digital Color Balance
• Integrated ICC Profile
• Integrated 64bit Linux, Intel Core I3 Gen. 8 240GB SSD, 8GB Ram
• Gigabit TCP/IP Network Interface
• Supports SRGB, Adobe RGB, Native Color Spaces
• Virus Resistant Linux Operating System
• Excellent Energy Efficiency, CEC Level VI
• 2 X USB 3.0 Ports Accessible On Front Panel
• Easy Installation Via Scan2net® Technology




Bookeye® 5V2 Archive

Bookeye® 5 V2 Archive is suitable for digitization projects that require high quality and maximum productivity even in 24/7 operation. Originals up to A2+ in size such as books, magazines, posters, folders, or bound documents of all types, can be digitized at high speed and a resolution up to 600 dpi using the Bookeye® 5 V2 Archive.
The unique self-adjusting book cradle solution allows scanning either at a 120-degree angle or in horizontal mode and lying flat with a height compensation of 10 cm Glass plate solutions. The book cradle enables perfect scans while protecting the book binding. The V-shaped glass plate can be removed in a few simple steps. Depending on requirements, the Bookeye® 5 V2 Archive can now be used with an optional flat glass plate or without a glass plate at all.

Highlights that make the Bookeye® 5 V2 Archive the right choice for every application

• Large 21” full HD color multitouch screen for simplified
operation, 2nd preview screen optional
• Live Preview
• Self-adjusting book cradle 120 – 180 degrees can lift 10 cm
• V-shaped glass plate for perfect scans, optional flat glass plate is available
• Output formats: PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, TIFF, PNM, multipage PDF and TIFF, DICOM and many more
• OS independent, runs with Windows, Linux, Mac
• Digital color balance, wide color gamut, supports sRGB, Adobe RGB, native RGB
• FADGI, Metamorfoze, ISO 19264 compliant.
• ScanWizard runs through any browser via network
• Remote maintenance, troubleshooting and firmware updates
• Full Coverage Warranty – Up to 5 years, free spare parts & consumables

Additional information

Weight 117 lbs
Dimensions 35 × 29 × 26 in

Technical Specifications




Scanner Functions & Features

BookEye 5V2 Archive Functions

  • Maximum Scan Area: 460 x 620 mm (18 x 24 inch), 14% more than DIN/ISO A2
  • Scanner Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
  • Scan Speed: DIN A2+ @ 150 dpi: 0.9 s, DIN A2+ @ 200 dpi: 1.1 s DIN A2+ @ 300 dpi: 1.6s, DIN A2+ @ 400 dpi: 2.0s , DIN A2+ @ 600 dpi: 3.0s
  • Color Depth:48 bit color, 16 bit grayscale
  • Scan Output: 24 bit color, 8 bit grayscale, bitonal, enhanced halftone
  • File Formats: Multipage PDF (PDF/A) and TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNM, PNG, BMP, TIFF (Raw, G3, G4, LZW, JPEG), AutoCAD DWF, JBIG, DjVu, DICOM, PCX, Postscript, EPS, raw data and more
  • ICC Profiles: Embedded for sRGB, Adobe RGB and native. Individual profiling via web based Scan2ICC subscription
  • Quality: Complies to FADGI *** guidelines, Metamorfoze Light, ISO 19264 Level B
  • Camera: CCD line sensor

BookEye 5V2 Archive Features

  • Live Preview Camera: CMOS matrix, area sensor
  • Light Source: White LEDs, tested according to IEC 62471, no IR/UV emission
  • Lamp Life Time: 50,000 h typ. Lamps are covered by the Extended Warranty Option
  • Computer: 64 bit Linux, Intel® Core™ i3 generation 8 processor, 240GB SSD, 8 GB memory for extra large jobs
  • Touchscreen: 21” full HD 1920 * 1080 multitouch screen
  • USB Port: 2 x USB 3.0 port, 4 x USB 2.0 port

Accessories and Options

BookEye 5V2 Archive – Options

• BE5-V2-GLAS-FLAT Flat Glass Plate
• BSW-P-BE5-01 Batch Scan Wizard Pro License
• SCAN2OCR Background OCR on scanner
• BE5-V2-P-SP12M Full Coverage Warranty, up to 5 years


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