Production Scanners


Production scanners are designed to work on a large scale, handling a large number of incoming documents. They are especially useful in high-volume scanning environments, such as offices or warehouses.

They typically have a higher speed and capacity than desktop scanners, and they offer a variety of features that make scanning easier and more efficient. These features include automatic document feeders, advanced image processing, and duplex scanning and can make light work of even the largest scanning jobs, making them an essential tool for any business that relies on paper documents. 

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About interScan Production Scanners

interScan offers world-class, production scanners manufactured exclusively for us by our partners at InoTec GmbH, a leader in high volume scanning for over 25 years.  Our state of the art scanners are made with quality engineering, intelligent innovation and ergonomic design to provide products that are built to last with the lowest total cost of ownership.  interScan scanners are made specifically to exceed our customers expectations and requirements like unmatched speed, reliable paper handling, ease of use and maintenance, flexibility in sorting, real time image processing and work with any software. 

Key Industries




There are a few key industries that can get the most out of having production scanners. Those industries include business, healthcare, and manufacturing.  Businesses can use production scanners to help with tasks such as inventory management and data collection. Healthcare facilities can use them to track patient records and medical supplies. Manufacturing companies can use them to maintain quality control and track assembly line processes.

Production scanners can be a valuable asset. In addition to the above industries, they can help improve efficiency and accuracy in medical records departments within hospitals, building permit departments within local governments, court locations, and private loan companies. They can be used to digitize large building plans, support documentation for attorneys, marriage paperwork, and more.

Digital Archive can provide you with the perfect production scanning solution for your business.