DeskPro 4×3

DeskPro 4×3

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DeskPro 4×3 production scanner opens a new dimension in document capture. Utilizing new and innovative technology has increased product reliability and scanning throughput for even the most difficult of scanning projects.


Four models 90ppm, 120ppm, 150ppm, 170ppm. Upgradable speeds up to 170 pages per minute.

State-of-the-art design and unique features like glassless paper path.

The best in German engineering brings unbeatable quality. Virtually maintenance-free!

The DeskPro offers an intuitive, ergonomic design with a high-contrast, touchscreen display that simplifies operation for optimal user experience and improved efficiency. Color and white calibration profiles, focusing LED illumination and 600 dpi optical resolution ensure the highest image quality. Perfect Document Technology allows for the best in blank page detection, full-color spectrum dropout (ColErase), and automatic color detection.

Image enhancements and processing are handled by the scanner’s own internal hardware, improving workflow productivity by eliminating the need for time-consuming post-processing on an external PC. The DeskPro series scanners have a newly designed feeder concept that ensures that a wide variety of documents can be fed automatically through the scanner.

Virtually maintenance-free and 100% operator-maintained, the DeskPro brings unmatched durability with the lowest total cost of ownership. Glassless paper guides mean there is no scratching or breaking, no black stripes on the image, less cleaning, and no need to worry if a staple or paperclip is scanned. With a maintenance-free belt transport lasting the life of the scanner, the consumables are limited to only one set of tires for the input feeder. Even the thinnest paper is transported through the scanner reliably ensuring minimum downtime due to misfeeds.
Accidentally scanned a staple??
Scanner operators know the problems that come with accidentally scanning a stapled document or paperclip! Replacing glass can be costly and result in downtime. No problem with the DeskPro series scanner! Glassless paper path allows you to scan without worry. The input mechanism can de-staple documents. Stapled and clipped documents are scanned and output without interrupting operation.

Belt Based Paperpath
The DeskPro series scanner is the only mid-volume scanner with belt-driven paper transport with a 25 Million page life expectancy. These unique belts are maintenance-free and require no cleaning! Low friction means minimal wear and tear during operation.




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