Bookeye 5V2A

Bookeye 5V2A

• Scan-Client Interface
• Automatic Crop and Deskew
• Virus Protected 64bit Linux Operating System
• Intel Core i3 Gen.8 240GB SSD, 8GB Ram
• Gigabit TCP/IP Network Interface
• Large 21” Full HD Multitouch for Simplified Operation
• Virtual Rescan, Modify Without Rescanning
• Easy 3 Button Access Start, Scan, Send
• 2 x USB 3.0 Ports Accessible on Front Panel
• Easy Installation Via Scan2Net® Technology




Bookeye® 5 V2A Automatic

Gentle document digitization paired with maximum productivity thanks to the motorized V-shaped glass plate With its 600 dpi and a scan time of less than 3 seconds for the entire A2+ capture area, the latest model in Image Access´ 5th generation of book scanners is equally suitable for large and small digitization projects. A special highlight: the new, motor-driven V-shaped glass plate for maximum productivity. Automatically traversing at speeds from 19mm/sec up to 113mm/sec and a total stroke of 25cm, it gently presses flattens originals using the V-shaped cradle. The contact pressure can be individually adjusted, guaranteeing the gentlest handling of originals and distortion-free scans. Like all other Image Access Bookeye book scanners, the book cradle can also be used in flat mode. The V-shaped glass plate is controlled via the ScanWizard´s extended user interface. The new control panel with animated function buttons allows, among other things, horizontal movement up and down, setting the speed or the position in which the glass plate remains after the finished scan job. It does not necessarily have to be at the top or bottom. Depending on requirements, the glass plate can be removed and refitted without tools and in two simple steps.

Highlights that make the Bookeye® 5 V2A Automatic book scanner the right choice for every application

• Large 21” multitouch screen for operation and preview can be mounted to scanner in three different locations.
• Dark mode operation – enhances scan quality through less light reflection and improves operation by reducing eye strain.
• Live Preview –See the document position in live video for correct positioning before scanning.
• Most versatile book cradles, 120°, 180°, shift apart for book bound, shift left and right for optimum position of book.
• Motor driven V-shaped glass plate allows automatic workflow
• Output formats: PDF, PDF/A, JPEG, TIFF, PNM, multipage PDF and TIFF, DICOM and many more.
• Digital color balance, wide color gamut, supports sRGB, Adobe RGB, native RGB.
• FADGI, Metamorfoze Light, ISO 19264-1 compliant.
• Multilingual operation – more than 20 languages available.
• ScanWizard runs on internal touch or on external device through any browser via network.
• Remote maintenance, troubleshooting and firmware updates

Additional information

Weight 140 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 35 in

Technical Specifications




Scanner Functions & Features

BookEye V2A Functions

  • Maximum Scan Area: 460 x 620 mm (18 x 24 inch), 14% more than DIN/ISO A2
  • Scanner Resolution: 600 x 600 dpi
  • Scan Speed: DIN A2+ @ 150 dpi: 0.9 s, DIN A2+ @ 200 dpi: 1.1 s,
    DIN A2+ @ 300 dpi: 1.6 s, DIN A2+ @ 400 dpi: 2.0 s, DIN A2+ @ 600 dpi: 3.0 s
  • Color Depth: 48 bit color, 16 bit grayscale
  • Scan Output: 24 bit color, 8 bit grayscale, bitonal, enhanced halftone
  • File Formats: Multipage PDF (PDF/A) and TIFF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNM, PNG, BMP, TIFF (Raw, G3, G4, LZW, JPEG), AutoCAD DWF, JBIG, DjVu, DICOM, PCX, Postscript, EPS, raw data and more
  • ICC Profiles: Embedded for sRGB, Adobe RGB and native. Individual profiling via web based Scan2ICC subscription
  • Quality: Complies to FADGI *** guidelines, Metamorfoze Light, ISO 19264-1
  • Camera: CCD line sensor, 22,500 pixels (11,000 scan lines equals to a 245 MPixel matrix camera)


BookEye V2A Features

  • Live Preview Camera: CMOS matrix, area sensor
  • Light Source: White LEDs, tested according to IEC 62471, no IR/UV emission
  • Lamp Lifetime: 50,000 h typ. Lamps are covered by the Extended Warranty Option
  • Computer: 64 bit Linux, Intel® Core™ i3 generation 8 processor, 240GB SSD, 8 GB memory for extra large jobs
  • Touchscreen: 21” full HD 1920 * 1080 multitouch screen
  • USB Port: 2 x USB 3.0 port, 4 x USB 2.0 port
  • Interface: 1 GBit fast Ethernet with TCP/IP based Scan2Net® interface


Accessories and Options

BookEye 5 V2A – Options

  • S2N-FSC Foot Switch for Scanner, hardware accessory for batch scanning.
  • BSW-P-BE5-01 Batch Scan Wizard Pro License.
  • SCAN2OCR Background OCR on scanner.
  • BE5-V2-A-SP12M Full Coverage Warranty, up to 5 years of free spare parts and consumables.


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